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Blood Pressure & Heart Rate

Blood Pressure & Heart Rate: Relationship & Differences

June 2, 2024

Blood pressure and heart rate are the key components with functionalities often intertwined for an individual’s overall physical well-being. Blood pressure is the force that is exerted by circulating blood on the arterial walls. Blood pressure involves two measures, Systolic which is the pressure during heartbeats, and Diastolic which is the pressure between the heartbeats. […]

Confirming placement of endotracheal tube

Confirming placement of endotracheal tube: Monitoring techniques endotracheal tube

May 28, 2024

The most critical aspect of airway management during medical procedures is ensuring that the placement of an endotracheal tube (ETT) is accurate. This is because incorrect placement can lead to severe complications like hypoxemia and aspiration. So, several monitoring techniques are employed to confirm the proper positioning of the ETT within the trachea.  By understanding […]

Human Skeletal System

Human skeletal system: Structure and functions

May 28, 2024

The human skeletal system is made up of bones, cartilage, and ligaments. This forms the framework of the body. Its primary function is to give support and protection to the vital organs. The human skeletal system regulates the  movement of the body.  The bones have different shapes and sizes. Long bones like the femur bone […]

Hemodynamically unstable patients

Hemodynamically unstable patients: IV fluid therapy & management

May 27, 2024

Hemodynamic instability occurs when the circulatory system is unable to maintain proper blood flow and pressure. This results in organ failure. The management of this condition involves IV fluid therapy. IV fluid therapy helps to restore blood volume and stabilize vital signs. Understanding the causes, diagnosis, and appropriate administration of IV fluids is essential for […]

A Study Guide of Body’s Systems

Study guide to body systems: ACLS certification resource

May 26, 2024

Each body system plays a major role in maintaining our health. So, understanding them is crucial for ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) certification. For ACLS, having a deep knowledge of the circulatory and respiratory systems is essential because they are directly involved in emergency cardiovascular care.  Knowing how these systems function is important for healthcare […]

First Aid for Unconscious

First aid for an unconscious person

May 24, 2024

Learning first aid for unconscious person is a crucial skill. It includes assessing the condition of the patient and making sure they can breathe. Next, you need to start by checking for breath and pulse. In case they are not breathing, you need to call emergency services immediately. While waiting for help, tilt their head […]

Chest compressions

Chest compressions – the first-line response

May 21, 2024

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a hands-on emergency intervention that helps restore heartbeats and breathing in someone undergoing cardiac arrest. The common causes of cardiac arrest are near-drowning or a heart attack. CPR involves manual chest compressions and rescue breathing. The interventions keep the blood flowing to the brain until medical assistance arrives. Keep reading to […]

Sodium Bicarbonate in Refractory VF

Sodium bicarbonate in refractory VF: ACLS certification guide

May 20, 2024

Refractory ventricular fibrillation is known as ventricular fibrillation and does not respond to standard defibrillation (up to 5 cycles) even after managing epinephrine and amiodarone. The physical condition is due to sympathetic overdrive, which leads to cardiac vulnerability. Standard CPR and instant defibrillation are two distinct processes showing a rise in ROSC and an increase […]

Heat and Dehydration

Identify Differences: Heat and Dehydration; signs and advice

May 19, 2024

Heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and dehydration commonly occur in those who spend time in the heat and do not drink fluids. It is crucial to know that these are very different in symptoms and treatment. Additionally, it is critical to know the differences to ensure proper and timely management of victims. While heat and stroke […]

Effects of illegal drugs on the heart

Effects of illegal drugs on the heart

May 18, 2024

Illegal drug abuse and addiction are very serious problems that can affect people of all ages. It ranges from adults to infants born to mothers who regularly use drugs. Illegal drugs are drugs sold, often for recreational purposes. These are dangerous, with most of them causing heart problems. This includes difficulties with the heart. The […]